This section provides answers to many of the frequently asked questions by clients about the visa application process.

Q 1. Do I have to apply personally?

Ans 1. Applicants aged 18 years and above must visit the Visa Application Centre personally or through an accredited Travel Agency to submit the application.

Q 2. I' am travelling with my kids; can I apply for visa on their behalf?

Ans 2. Children below 18 years are not required to visit the application Centre personally; however, parents or accredited Travel Agency can submit the child's visa application.
NOTE: Additional documents like birth certificate etc. may be asked at the time of application submission on behalf of the Embassy.

Q 3. If you want to visit the Republic of Cyprus, at which Embassy do I apply for a visa?

Ans 3. You must apply at the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in the country you are resident.

Q 4. Where is the Visa Application Centre located in Iran?

Ans 4. The Cyprus Visa Application Centre is located in Tehran. Please click here for the Location map and timings.

Q 5. Where do I pay the Visa Fees and Service charge?

Ans 5. You may pay your Visa Fees and Service charges in cash at the Visa application Centre.

Refer Visa fees for more information.

Q 6. Can my passport be collected by someone else?

Ans 6. Passport can be collected either by the applicant in person or through an authorized representative who has an authority letter and original receipt.

Q 7. Can I live in Cyprus having a short term visa?

Ans 7. No, short term visa enables you to stay in Cyprus for the period of its validity only.

Q 8. Do I need to have a medical insurance?

Ans 8. Medical insurance is not a mandatory requirement for Cyprus visa application.

Q 9. What do I do if my visa is refused and when can I re-apply for visa again?

Ans 9. A. You have the right to file a recourse against the decision of refusal before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus in accordance with Article 146 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus within 75 days from the date of receipt of the notification of the refusal.
B. If you wish to apply for a new visa, you may re-apply anytime.

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